Welcome home program in Boynton Beach, FL

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In our efforts to provide the most comprehensive home care, Allada Home Health Services, LLC offers a Welcome Home Program. After a stay in hospital or trip away from home, your return can be bewildering. We make the transition easier by extending a warm welcome through a service that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed

What is a Welcome Home Service?

We realize that home care needs to be adaptable and provide for the needs of each individual as they need it. Changes in routine, especially for elderly people, can be traumatic. Returning from the hospital is particularly challenging. However, any extended stay away from home can result in a feeling of disorientation upon your return.
We’ve addressed these issues with a unique, client-centered welcome home program. Upon your return, you are greeted by a reassuring, friendly face. A warm meal or a refreshing beverage awaits you to make you feel right at home after your journey.

Welcome home program in Boynton Beach, FL

Companionship is always a vital part of homecare services. This is even more important when providing welcome home care. A familiar chat immediately puts the mind at ease. It’s calming and instills a feeling of warm cheer.

Our Unique Welcome Home Program

We include several homemaker and companionship care services as part of our innovative Welcome Home program. We always endeavor to tailor our services to the individual so every welcome will not always be the same.

There are some basic home care services that are generally appreciated by all who are returning home. Typically, these are the services that you can expect:

  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping – laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and dishes
  • Transport and assistance with mobility
  • Companionship care
  • Care and supervision to ensure your safety
  • Companionship

While it takes time to assess the needs of each client, our services can commence almost immediately.

Welcome to the Allada Home Health Services, LLC

People of all ages in the Palm Beach Country, Florida area have come to rely on our exquisite home care. We don’t see the people we care for as clients, but rather like an extended family. Our care is loving, warm, and compassionate. Just what you’d want for a loved one requiring specialized expert care.

Discover a whole new approach to devotion and commitment to dedicated home care when you contact us to enquire about our Welcome Home program or any of our specialized home care services.

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