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For seniors and pediatric patients who have issues swallowing and chewing, or are simply unable at the moment to eat properly, feeding through a G-tube may be their best, and sometimes their only, option. Patients who have dementia and cancer, also must often resort to feeding tubes. Feeding through a G-tube can be achieved by a simple operation called percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. If your loved one feeds this way, and you are not able to care for them, you need to contact us at Allada Home Health Services, LLC.

After the surgery, when the tube is installed, the patient can start receiving food immediately.

Gastrostomy management in Boynton Beach, FL
Gastrostomy management in Palm Beach county
While this is not a complicated surgery, you will need the professional help that our agency provides during the recovery phase. Your loved one will need someone trained to take care of the wound and to make sure everything is in place for the first few days.

The most important reason you need to consider trained staff from Allada Home Health Services, LLC is that there is a possibility of bleeding, infection, or some other complication. In addition to monitoring the wound, skilled nurses from our agency will make sure to change the dressing, clean around the injury, and ensure the tube is positioned correctly.

Most patients who are using G-tube care need help with pain medication in addition to food, as their wound will feel sore for some time.

Our skilled nurses are trained not only to administer medication, but also to prepare and manage food, and to teach family members how to care for and use the feeding tube.

Regardless of the intensity of care needed and issues that arise, we assure you that contacting and hiring Allada Home Health Services, LLC at Palm Beach County is the best move for you and your loved ones if they require G-tube care.

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